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Tablet Computer and iPad Repairs

If your tablet or iPad has any problems from broken sockets or screen to faulty software… we can fix it for you!

One drop face-down on a hard surface and you could be the victim of a cracked iPad or Tablet glass, LCD, or worse.

Our expertise with laptop repairs carries through to tablet computers, both of which face similar problems. Due to their tightly-packed internal layout and custom components, both laptop and tablet computers present a problem for less competent repair centres. However, our technicians have the skill and experience and stand a better chance than most of successfully repairing your tablet or iPad at an affordable price.

iPad or Tablet Screen Repair: The glass screen and LCD are the most common things that break and shatter on the iPad and Tablet, requiring the most frequent repairs. If you have dropped, broken, shattered, or cracked the glass screen on your iPad or Tablet let the experts at eFIX help get you back in the game with our iPad or Tablet screen replacement service. We don’t just provide cracked screen repairs, we can help you repair many other problems with the your iPad or Tablet.

Let eFIX Electronics fix it quickly and professionally. Our technicians are specially trained in iPad repair. eFix guarantees our work 100%. We also fix other ailments such as water damage, LCD replacement, Battery replacement and more. Our technicians also repair other tablets, including the Amazon Tablets (ex. Kindle Fire), Windows Tablets, Android Tablets and so on…

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